cnidarian see CNIDARIA (Cf. Cnidaria).

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  • cnidarian — [ni der′ē ən] n. [ModL Cnidaria < Gr knidē, nettle + ARIA: so called for the creatures stinging cells] any of a phylum (Cnidaria) of invertebrate animals, mainly marine, including jellyfishes, hydrozoans, and anthozoans, characterized by… …   English World dictionary

  • cnidarian — /nuy dair ee euhn/, n. 1. any invertebrate animal, as a hydra, jellyfish, sea anemone, or coral, considered as belonging to the phylum Cnidaria, characterized by the specialized stinging structures in the tentacles surrounding the mouth; a… …   Universalium

  • cnidarian — noun Etymology: ultimately from New Latin cnida nematocyst, from Greek knidē nettle Date: circa 1909 coelenterate • cnidarian adjective …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • cnidarian — cni·dar·i·an ē ən n COELENTERATE cnidarian adj * * * cni·dar·i·an (ni darґe ən) 1. pertaining or belonging to the phylum Cnidaria. 2. an individual of the phylum Cnidaria; called also coelenterate …   Medical dictionary

  • cnidarian — Any of various invertebrate animals of the phylum Cnidaria, characterized by a radially symmetrical body with a saclike internal cavity, and including the jellyfishes, hydras, sea anemones, and corals; also called coelenterate …   Fisheries — dictionary

  • cnidarian — n. [Gr. knide, nettle] 1. A phylum of primitive eumetazoans, including the hydras, jellyfish, sea anemones and corals, each bearing nematocysts. 2. In some classifications considered a subphylum of Coelenterata. 3. Sometimes considered synonymous …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • cnidarian — noun /naɪˈdɛərɪən/ any of various invertebrate animals, such as jellyfish, hydras, sea anemones, corals and formerly sponges and ctenophores that belong to the phylum Cnidaria …   Wiktionary

  • cnidarian — cni·dar·i·an …   English syllables

  • cnidarian — cni•dar•i•an [[t]naɪˈdɛər i ən[/t]] n. 1) ivt any radially symmetric invertebrate of the phylum Cnidaria, including the hydras, jellyfishes, sea anemones, and corals, characterized by stinging cells and a saclike digestive cavity with a single… …   From formal English to slang

  • cnidarian — /naɪˈdɛəriən/ (say nuy dairreeuhn), /knaɪ / (say knuy ) noun 1. a member of the Cnidaria, formerly known as the Coelenterata, a phylum of invertebrate animals comprising the jellyfish, sea anemones, and corals. –adjective 2. belonging to the… …   Australian English dictionary

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