busker (n.) "itinerant entertainer," 1857, from busk (v.) "to offer goods for sale only in bars and taprooms," 1851 (in Mayhew), perhaps from busk "to cruise as a pirate," which was used in a figurative sense by 1841, in reference to people living shifless and peripatetic lives.
The nautical term is attested from 1660s (in a general sense of "to tack, to beat to windward"), apparently from obsolete Fr. busquer "to shift, filch, prowl," which is related to It. buscare "to filch, prowl," Sp. buscar (from O.Sp. boscar), perhaps originally from bosco "wood" (see BUSH (Cf. bush)), with a hunting notion of "beating a wood" to flush game. Busker has been mistakenly derived from BUSKIN (Cf. buskin) in the stage sense.

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