{{11}}blubber (n.) late 14c., blober "a bubble, bubbling water; foaming waves," probably echoic of bubbling water. Original notion of "bubbling, foaming" survives in the figurative verbal meaning "to weep, cry" (c.1400). Meaning "whale fat" first attested 1660s; earlier it was used in reference to jellyfish (c.1600) and of whale oil (mid-15c.). As an adjective from 1660s.
{{12}}blubber (v.) late 14c., "to seethe, bubble," from BLUBBER (Cf. blubber) (n.). Meaning "to cry, to overflow with weeping" is from c.1400. Related: Blubbered; blubbering.

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, (so as to swell the cheeks), , ,

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