beget (v.) O.E. begietan "to get by effort, find, acquire, attain, seize" (class V strong verb, p.t. begeat, pp. begeaton), from BE- (Cf. be-) + GET (Cf. get) (q.v.). Sense of "to procreate" is from c.1200. Related to O.H.G. pigezzan, Goth. bigitan "to get, obtain." Related: Begot; begotten.

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  • Beget — Be*get , v. t. [imp. {Begot}, (Archaic) {Begat}; p. p. {Begot}, {Begotten}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Begetting}.] [OE. bigiten, bigeten, to get, beget, AS. begitan to get; pref. be + gitan. See {Get}, v. t. ] 1. To procreate, as a father or sire; to… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • beget — [bē get′, biget′] vt. begot or Archaic begat [bēgat′, bigat′] begotten or begot, begetting [ME begeten, to obtain, beget < OE begietan, to acquire: see BE & GET] 1. to be the father or sire of; procreate 2. to bring into being; produce …   English World dictionary

  • beget — index create, elicit, engender, generate, make, originate, produce (manufacture), propagate ( …   Law dictionary

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  • beget — [v] create, bear afford, breed, bring, bring about, cause, effect, engender, father, generate, get, give rise to, multiply, occasion, procreate, produce, progenerate, propagate, reproduce, result in, sire; concepts 173,251,374 …   New thesaurus

  • beget — ► VERB (begetting; past begot; past part. begotten) archaic or literary 1) produce (a child). 2) cause. DERIVATIVES begetter noun. ORIGIN Old English, «get, obtain by effort» …   English terms dictionary

  • beget — [[t]bɪge̱t[/t]] begets, begetting, begot, begotten 1) VERB To beget something means to cause it to happen or be created. [FORMAL] [V n] Poverty begets debt... [V n] Economic tensions beget political ones. 2) VERB When a man begets a child …   English dictionary

  • beget — UK [bɪˈɡet] / US verb [transitive] Word forms beget : present tense I/you/we/they beget he/she/it begets present participle begetting past tense begot UK [bɪˈɡɒt] / US [bɪˈɡɑt] or begat UK [bɪˈɡæt] / US past participle begot UK [bɪˈɡɒt] / US… …   English dictionary

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  • beget — (begetting; past begot; archaic begat; past part. begotten) literary 1 (usu. of a father, sometimes of a father and mother) procreate. 2 give rise to; cause (beget strife). Derivatives: begetter n. Etymology: OE begietan, formed as BE + GET …   Useful english dictionary

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