barratry early 15c., "sale of ecclesiastical or state offices," from O.Fr. baraterie "deceit, guile, trickery," from barat "malpractice, fraud, deceit, trickery," of unknown origin, perhaps from Celtic. In marine law, "wrongful conduct by a ship's crew or officer, resulting in loss to owners," from 1620s. Meaning "offense of habitually starting legal suits" is from 1640s. Sense somewhat confused with that of M.E. baratri "combat, fighting" (c.1400), from O.N. baratta "fight, contest strife." This was an active word in M.E., with forms such as baraten "to disturb the peace" (mid-15c.); baratour "inciter to riot, bully" (late 14c., mid-13c. as a surname). Barataria Bay, Louisiana, U.S., is from Sp. baratear "to cheat, deceive," cognate of the French word; the bay so called in reference to the difficulty of its entry passages.

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