wharf late O.E. hwearf "shore, bank where ships can tie up," earlier "dam, embankment," from P.Gmc. *khwarfaz (Cf. M.L.G. werf "mole, dam, wharf," Ger. Werft "shipyard, dockyard"); related to O.E. hwearfian "to turn," perhaps in a sense implying "busy activity," from PIE root *kwerp- "to turn, revolve" (Cf. O.N. hverfa "to turn round," Ger. werben "to enlist, solicit, court, woo," Goth. hvairban "to wander," Gk. kartos "wrist," Skt. surpam "winnowing fan"). Wharf rat "person who hangs around docks" is recorded from 1836.

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