vamoose (v.) "to decamp," 1834, from Sp. vamos "let us go," from L. vadamus, from vadere "to go, to walk," from PIE root *wadh- "to go" (Cf. O.E. wadan "to go," L. vadum "ford;" see WADE (Cf. wade) (v.)).

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  • vamoose — ☆ vamoose [vamōs′] vi., vt. vamosed, vamosing [va mo͞os′ ] vi. vt. vamoosed, vamoosing [< Sp vamos, let us go < L vadamus, 1st pers. pl., pres. subj. of vadere, to go: see WADE] [Old Slang] to leave quickly; go away (from) hurriedly: also… …   English World dictionary

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  • vamoose — Vamose Va*mose , v. i. & t. [Sp. vamos let us go.] To depart quickly; to depart from. [Written also {vamos}, and {vamoose}.] [Slang, Eng. & U. S.] [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • vamoose — intransitive verb (vamoosed; vamoosing) Etymology: Spanish vamos let us go, suppletive 1st plural imperative (from Latin vadere to go) of ir to go, from Latin ire more at wade, issue Date: 1859 to depart quickly …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • vamoose — /va moohs /, v., vamoosed, vamoosing. Slang. v.i. 1. to leave hurriedly or quickly; decamp. v.t. 2. to leave hurriedly or quickly from; decamp from. [1830 40; < Sp vamos let us go, impv. 1st pers. pl. of ir to go] * * * …   Universalium

  • vamoose — verb a) To run away, to flee. b) To hurry. Syn: amscray, beat it, leg it, scarper, scram …   Wiktionary

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