{{11}}truckle (n.) "small wheel or roller," late 14c., from Anglo-Fr. trocle, from L. trochlea "a small wheel, sheaf of a pulley," from Gk. trokhileia "a pulley," from trokhos "wheel," from trekhein "to run," from PIE root *dhregh- "to run" (Cf. O.Ir. droch "wheel," Lith. pa-drosti "to run fast"). Truckle bed "small bed on wheels that can be stowed under a larger bed" is from mid-15c.
{{12}}truckle (v.) "give up or submit tamely," 1610s, "sleep in a truckle bed" (see TRUCKLE (Cf. truckle) (n.)). Meaning "give precedence, assume a submissive position" (1650s, implied in truckling) is perhaps in reference to that type of bed being used by servants and inferiors, or from it simply occupying the lower position. Related: Truckled; truckling.

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