spinney 1590s, from O.Fr. espinei (Mod.Fr. épinaie) “place full of thorns and brambles,” from espine (see SPINE (Cf. spine)).

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  • spinney — [spin′ē] n. pl. spinneys [ME spenne, thorn hedge < OFr espinei < VL * spinēta, for L spinetum < spina, thorn, SPINE] Brit. a small wood; copse …   English World dictionary

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  • spinney — [[t]spɪ̱ni[/t]] spinneys N COUNT A spinney is a small area covered with trees. [BRIT] Syn: copse (in AM, use copse) …   English dictionary

  • spinney — noun (plural spinneys) Etymology: Anglo French espinei thorny thicket, ultimately from Latin spinetum, from spina thorn Date: 1597 chiefly British a small wood with undergrowth …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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