prophet late 12c., from O.Fr. prophete (11c.), from L. propheta, from Gk. prophetes (Doric prophatas) "an interpreter, spokesman," especially of the gods, from pro- "before" (see PRO- (Cf. pro-)) + root of phanai "to speak," from PIE *bha- (2) "speak" (see FAME (Cf. fame)). Used in Septuagint for Heb. nabj "soothsayer." By early writers, Gk. prophetes was translated by L. vates, but the Latinized form propheta predominated in post-Classical times, chiefly due to Christian writers, probably because of pagan associations of VATES (Cf. vates). Non-religious sense is from 1848; used of Muhammad from 1610s (translating Arabic al-nabiy, and sometimes also al-rasul, prop. "the messenger"). The Latin word is glossed in O.E. by witga. Prophetess is recorded from c.1300.

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