Ostrogoth c.1600, the "East Goths," who conquered Italy late 5c. and established, under Theodric, a kingdom there that lasted from 493 to 555 C.E., from L.L. Ostrogothæ, lit. "eastern Goths" from P.Gmc. *aust(a)r- "east" (for second element, see GOTH (Cf. Goth); also Cf. VISIGOTH (Cf. Visigoth)), but according to some this is a folk corruption of an earlier Austrogoti, from a Germanic compound, the first element of which means "shining" or "splendid," from P.Gmc. *austr-, from PIE *ausr- (see AURORA (Cf. aurora)), which is also, via "sunrise," the root of the Latin word for "east."

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