placatory (adj.) 1630s, from L. placatorius "appeasing," from placare (see PLACATE (Cf. placate)).

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  • placatory — [[t]pləke͟ɪtəri, AM ple͟ɪkətɔːri[/t]] ADJ GRADED A placatory remark or action is intended to make someone stop feeling angry. [FORMAL] When next he spoke he was more placatory... He raised a placatory hand. All right, we ll see what we can do.… …   English dictionary

  • placatory — /play keuh tawr ee, tohr ee, plak euh /, adj. serving, tending, or intended to placate: a placatory reply. [1630 40; < LL placatorius. See PLACATE1, TORY1] * * * …   Universalium

  • placatory — placate ► VERB ▪ make less angry or hostile: calm or appease. DERIVATIVES placatory adjective. ORIGIN Latin placare …   English terms dictionary

  • placatory — adjective intended to pacify by acceding to demands or granting concessions the appeasing concessions to the Nazis at Munich placating (or placative) gestures an astonishingly placatory speech • Syn: ↑appeasing, ↑placating, ↑placative …   Useful english dictionary

  • placatory — adjective see placate …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • placatory — adj. conciliatory, serving to pacify; intended to appease, designed to satisfy; calming, soothing pleɪkÉ™tÉ”rɪ / plækÉ™trɪ ,plÉ™ keɪtrɪ …   English contemporary dictionary

  • placatory — adj placative, appeasing, conciliatory; designed to please, aimed to please; calming, noninflammatory, soothing, inoffensive, soft; temperate, moderate, mediatory …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • placatory — pla·ca·to·ry …   English syllables

  • placatory — See: placate …   English dictionary

  • placatory — /pləˈkeɪtəri/ (say pluh kaytuhree), /ˈplækətəri/ (say plakuhtuhree) adjective tending or intending to placate. {Latin plācātōrius} …   Australian English dictionary

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