{{11}}mortar (1) "mixture of cement," late 13c., from O.Fr. mortier "builder's mortar, plaster; bowl for mixing" (13c.), from L. mortarium "mortar," also "crushed drugs," probably the same word as mortarium "bowl for mixing or pounding" (see MORTAR (Cf. mortar) (2)). Dutch mortel, Ger. Mörtel are from Latin or French.
{{12}}mortar (2) "bowl for pounding," c.1300, from O.Fr. mortier "bowl; builder's mortar," from L. mortarium "bowl for mixing or pounding," also "material prepared in it," of unknown origin and impossible now to determine which sense was original (Watkins says probably from PIE root *mer- "to rub away, harm;" see MORBID (Cf. morbid)). Late Old English had mortere, from the same Latin source, which might also be a source of the modern word. German Mörser also is from Latin.
{{12}}mortar (3) "short cannon," 1550s, originally mortar-piece, from M.Fr. mortier "short cannon," in Old French, "bowl for mixing or pounding" (see MORTAR (Cf. mortar) (2)). So called for its shape.

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