me (pron.) O.E. me (dative), me, mec (accusative); oblique cases of I, from P.Gmc. *meke (acc.), *mes (dat.), Cf. O.Fris. mi/mir, O.S. mi, M.Du. mi, Du. mij, O.H.G. mih/mir, Ger. mich/mir, O.N. mik/mer, Goth. mik/mis; from PIE root *me-, oblique form of the personal pronoun of the first person singular (nom. *eg; see I (Cf. I)); Cf. Skt., Avestan mam, Gk. eme, L. me, mihi, O.Ir. me, Welsh mi "me," O.C.S. me, Hittite ammuk.
Erroneous or vulgar use for nominative (e.g. it is me) attested from c.1500. Dative preserved in obsolete meseems, methinks and expressions such as sing me a song ("dative of interest"). Reflexively, "myself, for myself, to myself" from late Old English.

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