mathematic late 14c. as singular noun, replaced by early 17c. by MATHEMATICS (Cf. mathematics), from L. mathematica (pl.), from Gk. mathematike tekhne "mathematical science," feminine singular of mathematikos (adj.) "relating to mathematics, scientific, astronomical; disposed to learn," from mathema (gen. mathematos) "science, knowledge, mathematical knowledge; a lesson," lit. "that which is learnt;" related to manthanein "to learn," from PIE root *mendh- "to learn" (Cf. Gk. menthere "to care," Lith. mandras "wide-awake," O.C.S. madru "wise, sage," Goth. mundonsis "to look at," Ger. munter "awake, lively"). As an adjective, 1540s, from Fr. mathématique or directly from L. mathematicus.

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