man-eater also maneater, c.1600, "cannibal," from MAN (Cf. man) (n.) + eater (see EAT (Cf. eat)). From 1837 in reference to animals (sharks); 1862 of tigers; 1906 of women. Related: Man-eating.

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  • man-eater — n 1.) a wild animal that kills and eats people 2.) a woman who people think is frightening because she has many sexual partners used humorously >man eating adj ▪ a man eating shark …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • man-eater — [man′ēt΄ər] n. 1. a cannibal 2. an animal that eats, or is thought to eat, human flesh, as a shark, lion, or tiger man eating adj …   English World dictionary

  • Man-eater — Man eat er, n. (Zo[ o]l.) One who, or that which, has an appetite for human flesh; specifically, one of certain large sharks (esp. {Carcharodon carcharias} syn. {Carcharodon Rondeleti}); also, a lion or a tiger which has acquired the habit of… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Man-Eater — Dieser Artikel wurde wegen inhaltlicher Mängel auf der Qualitätssicherungsseite der Redaktion Film und Fernsehen unter Angabe von Verbesserungsvorschlägen eingetragen. Beteilige Dich an der Verbesserung dieses Artikels und entferne diesen… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Man-eater — For other uses, see Maneater. Man eater is a colloquial term for an animal that preys upon humans. This does not include scavenging. Although human beings can be attacked by many kinds of animals, man eaters are those that have incorporated human …   Wikipedia

  • man-eater — noun Date: 1600 one that has or is thought to have an appetite for human flesh: as a. cannibal b. mackerel shark; especially great white shark called also man eater shark, man eating shark c. a large feline (as a lion or tiger) that has acquired… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • man-eater — man eat·er man .ēt ər n one that has or is thought to have an appetite for human flesh: as a) MACKEREL SHARK esp GREAT WHITE SHARK b) a large feline (as a lion or tiger) that has acquired the habit of feeding on human flesh man eat·ing .ēt iŋ adj …   Medical dictionary

  • man-eater — /man ee teuhr/, n. 1. an animal, esp. a tiger or lion, that eats or is said to eat human flesh. 2. See man eating shark. 3. a cannibal. 4. Slang. See femme fatale. [1590 1600] * * * …   Universalium

  • man-eater — man′ eat er n. 1) anb cv an animal that eats or is said to eat human flesh 2) ant a cannibal • Etymology: 1590–1600 man′ eat ing, adj …   From formal English to slang

  • man eater — Synonyms and related words: Brillat Savarin, Cain, Loch Ness monster, Lucullus, alevin, animal, anthropophagite, apache, assassin, assassinator, barbarian, beast, benthon, benthos, bloodletter, bloodshedder, board and roomer, boarder, bon vivant …   Moby Thesaurus

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