macaroon (n.) 1610s, "small sweet cake consisting largely of ground almonds," from Fr. macaron (16c.), from dialectal It. maccarone (see MACARONI (Cf. macaroni)). French meaning said to have been invented 1552 by Rabelais. The -oon ending was conventional in 15c.-17c. English to add emphasis to borrowings of French nouns ending in stressed -on.

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  • Macaroon — Mac a*roon , n. [F. macaron, It. maccherone. See {Macaroni}.] 1. A small cake, composed chiefly of the white of eggs, almonds or coconut, and sugar. [1913 Webster] 2. A finical fellow, or macaroni. [Obs.] [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Macaroon — A French term for a great variety of round, looped, coiled or spiral ornaments used as trimmings on dresses, hats, upholstery, etc. It is made of material which is formed into a thin tube and then fastened to the foundation …   Dictionary of the English textile terms

  • macaroon — ► NOUN ▪ a light biscuit made with egg white and ground almonds or coconut. ORIGIN French macaron, from Italian maccarone macaroni …   English terms dictionary

  • macaroon — [mak΄ə ro͞on′] n. [Fr macaron < It maccaroni,MACARONI] a small, chewy cookie made chiefly of egg white, crushed almonds or coconut, and sugar …   English World dictionary

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  • Macaroon — Para el dulce francés de nombre parecido, véase Macaron. Macaroons. Los macaroons son dulces densos hechos con coco y clara de huevo o con una pasta de almendra gruesa. Se confunden a menudo con los dulces franceses llamados macarons, con los que …   Wikipedia Español

  • macaroon — /mak euh roohn /, n. a drop cookie made of egg whites, sugar, usually almond paste or coconut, and sometimes a little flour. [1605 15; < MF macaron < dial. It maccarone cake or biscuit made of ground almonds; see MACARONI] * * * ▪ cookie… …   Universalium

  • macaroon — UK [ˌmækəˈruːn] / US [ˌmækəˈrun] noun [countable] Word forms macaroon : singular macaroon plural macaroons a type of biscuit made from sugar, egg white, and nuts …   English dictionary

  • macaroon — noun Etymology: French macaron, from Italian dialect maccarone Date: circa 1611 a small cookie composed chiefly of egg whites, sugar, and ground almonds or coconut …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • macaroon — noun /ˌmæk.əɹˈuːn,ˌmæk.əˈɹun/ A soft biscuit or cookie prepared with almond or coconut dough …   Wiktionary

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