{{11}}hale (adj.) "healthy," O.E. hal "healthy, entire, uninjured" (see HEALTH (Cf. health)). The Scottish and northern English form of whole; it was given a literary sense of "free from infirmity" (1734). Related: Haleness.
{{12}}hale (v.) c.1200, "drag; summon," in M.E. used of arrows, bowstrings, reins, anchors, from O.Fr. haler "to pull, haul" (12c.), from a Germanic source, perhaps Frankish *halon or O.Du. halen; probably also from O.E. geholian "obtain" (see HAUL (Cf. haul)). Figurative sense of "to draw (someone) from one condition to another" is late 14c. Related: Haled; haling.

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