{{11}}gash (n.) 1540s, from M.E. garce (early 13c.), from O.N.Fr. garser "to scarify, cut, slash" (O.Fr. *garse), apparently from V.L. *charassare, from Gk. kharassein "engrave," from PIE *gher- "to scrape, scratch" (Cf. CHARACTER (Cf. character)). Loss of -r- is characteristic (see ASS (Cf. ass) (2)). Slang use for "vulva" dates to mid-1700s.
{{12}}gash (v.) 1560s, alteration of garsen (late 14c.), from O.N.Fr. garser "to cut, slash" (see GASH (Cf. gash) (n.)). Related: Gashed; gashing.

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