discalceate (adj.) "unshod, barefoot," 1650s, from L. discalceatus, from dis- (see DIS- (Cf. dis-)) + calceatus, pp. of calceare "to furnish with shoes," from calceus "shoe."

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  • Discalceate — Dis*cal ce*ate, v. t. [L. discalceatus unshod; dis + calceus shoe.] To pull off shoes or sandals from. [Obs.] Cockeram. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • discalced — /dɪsˈkælst/ (say dis kalst) adjective without shoes; unshod; barefooted; specifically applied to a branch of the Carmelite monks known as Discalceati (the barefooted). Also, discalceate /dɪsˈkælsiət/ (say dis kalseeuht), / eɪt/ (say ayt). {Latin… …   Australian English dictionary

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