confidant 1610s, confident, " (male) person trusted with private affairs," from Fr. confident (16c.), from It. confidente "a trusty friend," lit. "confident, trusty," from L. confidentem (nom. confidens), prp. of confidere "to trust, confide" (see CONFIDENCE (Cf. confidence)). The spelling with -a- came to predominate 18c. and might reflect the French pronunciation.

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  • Confidant — Con fi*dant ; 277), n. masc., Confidante Con fi*dante (?; 277), n. fem.[F. confident, confidente, formerly also spelt confidant, confidante. See {Confide}, and cf. {Confident}.] One to whom secrets, especially those relating to affairs of love,… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • confidant — confidant, confidante stressed on the first syllable or (in the case of confidante) on the first or last syllable, mean ‘a close friend in whom one confides’, and refer respectively to a male or female and a female. They are alterations of an… …   Modern English usage

  • confidant — [n] close friend acquaintance, adherent, adviser, alter ego, bosom buddy, companion, crony, familiar, intimate, mate, pal; concept 423 Ant. enemy, foe …   New thesaurus

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