{{11}}stray (n.) "domestic animal found wandering," early 13c., from O.Fr. estraié "strayed," pp. of estraier (see STRAY (Cf. stray) (v.)). The adjective is first recorded c.1600.
{{12}}stray (v.) c.1300, aphetic of O.Fr. estraier "wander about," lit. "go about the streets," from estree "route, highway," from L.L. via strata "paved road" (see STREET (Cf. street)). On another theory, the Old French word is from V.L. *estragare, a contraction of *estravagare, representing L. extra vagari "to wander outside" (see EXTRAVAGANT (Cf. extravagant)). Figurative sense of "to wander from the path of rectitude" is attested from early 14c.

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