Samoyed Siberian Mongolian people, 1580s, from Rus. samoyed, lit. "self-eaters, cannibals" (the first element cognate with English same, the second with O.E. etan "to eat"). The native name is Nenets. As the name of a type of dog (once used as a working dog in the Arctic) it is attested from 1889.

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  • Samoyed — Samoyed. 1. A breed of medium sized sled dogs, originating in Siberia, of white or cream color. 2. A Uralic language spoken by the Samoyed people. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Samoyed — may refer to:* the Samoyedic peoples in Siberia who speak the Samoyedic languages: the Enets, the Nenets, the Nganasans, and the Selkups * the Samoyedic languages they speak * Samoyed (dog), a dog breed …   Wikipedia

  • Samoyed — [sam′ə yed΄, sə moi′id] n. [Russ samoed, lit., self eater, cannibal, altered < Lapp name samo (see SAMOVAR) + base of jĕdá, food: for IE base see EAT] 1. a member of a group of peoples living in N Siberia and the Taimyr Peninsula 2. any of a… …   English World dictionary

  • Samoyed — /sam euh yed , seuh moy id/, n. 1. a member of a Uralic people dwelling in W Siberia and the far NE parts of European Russia. 2. Also, Samoyedic. a subfamily of Uralic languages spoken by the Samoyed people. 3. (sometimes l.c.) one of a Russian… …   Universalium

  • Samoyed — also Samoyede noun Etymology: Russian samoed, from Old Russian samoyadi, of Sami origin; akin to North Sami sápmi (genitive sámi) Sami homeland & eatnam , eana land Date: 1589 1. a member of any of a group of peoples inhabiting the far north of… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Samoyed — noun 1. /ˈsæmɔɪˌɛd/ (say samoy.ed) a Ural Altaic people dwelling in north western Siberia and along the north eastern coast of Russia in Europe. 2. (plural Samoyed or Samoyeds) /ˈsæmɔɪˌɛd/ (say samoy.ed) a member of this people. 3. /ˈsæmɔɪˌɛd/… …   Australian English dictionary

  • Samoyed — Sam•o•yed [[t]ˌsæm əˈyɛd, səˈmɔɪ ɪd[/t]] n. 1) peo a member of any of a group of Uralic peoples living in W Siberia and the far NE parts of European Russia 2) peo Samoyedic 3) dch (sometimes l.c.) one of a Siberian breed of medium sized dogs with …   From formal English to slang

  • Samoyed — n. 1 a member of a people of northern Siberia. 2 the language of this people. 3 (also samoyed) a a dog of a white Arctic breed. b this breed. Etymology: Russ. samoed …   Useful english dictionary

  • Samoyed — noun a) a member of the Nenets people of the Siberian Urals; they speak Samoyedic languages b) a hardy breed of dog from Siberia …   Wiktionary

  • Samoyed — [ saməjɛd, ˌsamɔɪjɛd] noun 1》 a member of a group of mainly nomadic peoples of northern Siberia. 2》 any of several Samoyedic languages of these peoples. 3》 a dog of a white Arctic breed. Origin from Russ. samoed …   English new terms dictionary

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