rhotacism 1830, from Mod.L. rhotacismus, from Gk. rhotakizein, from rho "the letter -r-," from Hebrew or Phoenician roth. Excessive or peculiar use of the -r- sound (Cf. the "burr"), especially the conversion of another sound (usually -s-) to -r-.

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  • Rhotacism — may refer to several phenomena related to the usage of the consonant r (whether as an alveolar tap, alveolar trill, or the rarer uvular trill).*the excessive or idiosyncratic use of the r ; *conversely, the inability or difficulty in pronouncing… …   Wikipedia

  • Rhotacism — Rho ta*cism, n. [Gr. rwtaki zein to use the letter r ([rho]) overmuch: cf. F. rhotacisme.] An oversounding, or a misuse, of the letter r; specifically (Phylol.), the tendency, exhibited in the Indo European languages, to change s to r, as wese to …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • rhotacism — [rōt′ə siz΄əm] n. [ModL rhotacismus < MGr rhōtakizein, to make wrong use of the letter rhō + L ismus, ISM] the change of a sound, esp. (s) or (z), to the sound (r) …   English World dictionary

  • rhotacism — noun a) An exaggerated use of the sound of the letter R. But Im hungwy. A pathetic little girls rhotacismus. b) A linguistic phenomenon in which a consonant changes into an R, such as Latin flos becoming florem in the accusative case. For example …   Wiktionary

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  • rhotacism — Mispronunciation of the “r” sound. [G. rho, the letter r] * * * rho·ta·cism rōt ə .siz əm n a defective pronunciation of r esp substitution of some other sound for that of r * * * rho·ta·cism (roґtə sizm) a speech disorder consisting of… …   Medical dictionary

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