labonza (n.) "belly," 1943, American English slang, probably from dialectal pronunciation of It. la pancia "the belly," from L. pantex (gen. panticis) "belly" (see PAUNCH (Cf. paunch)).

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  • labonza — [la”banza] 1. n. the buttocks. □ Good grief, what a gross labonza! □ She fell flat on her labonza. 2. n. the pit of the stomach. □ That kind of beautiful singing really gets you right in the labonza. □ …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • labonza — n American a. the belly or paunch a punch in the labonza b. the backside, buttocks A word used particularly by pugilists, crim inals and working class speakers. It is mock Italian or Spanish, probably based on la pancia or la panza, both related… …   Contemporary slang

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