keister "buttocks," 1931, perhaps transferred from underworld meaning "safe, strongbox" (1914), earlier "a burglar's toolkit that can be locked" (1881); probably from British dialect KIST (Cf. kist) (northern form of CHEST (Cf. chest)) or its German cognate Kiste "chest, box." The connection may be via pickpocket slang sense of "rear trouser pocket" (1930s).

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  • keister — ☆ keister [kēs′tər ] n. [prob. < Ger kiste, chest, case, (slang) rump < OHG < L cista,CHEST] Slang 1. a satchel, suitcase, etc. 2. the buttocks; rump …   English World dictionary

  • keister — also keester noun Etymology: English slang keister satchel Date: circa 1931 slang buttocks …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • keister — /kee steuhr/, n. Slang. the buttocks; rump. Also, keester. [1880 85; earlier, as underworld argot, handbag, suitcase, safe; of obscure orig., but words meaning chest, box are frequently adduced as sources, e.g., KIST1, G Kiste, Yiddish kestl, etc …   Universalium

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  • keister — (keester) n American the backside, buttocks, anus. This fairly common term is from Yiddish kiste, in turn deriving from Middle and Old Ger manic Kista and from the Latin cista, meaning a chest. The Yiddish word denoted a portable chest and was… …   Contemporary slang

  • keister —    (KEESS ter) [Yiddish, from German Kiste: box] A slang term for buttocks, rump, or rear end …   Dictionary of foreign words and phrases

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